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July 4, 2019

Garage Shop Update Phase 2: Electtrical Outlets, A/C & Plasma CNC

Continuing with my garage shop update, we this time add more electrical outlets, a windowed A/C unit, and build the Crossfire Plasma CNC machine. I didn't get to the work bench just yet but we will get to that in.Phase 3. We will also hang those cabinets above that bench, install the sticker panels and probably the TB and Mac Mini which will be needed to control the CNC machines.. so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe.


Ben Jacobs

Instagram: @2g_design_creations

Doug Boyd

Instagram: @artfully_rogue

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL5zTKvTCM_Cj-j-HOhv_xA



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