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September 6, 2015

Light Painting Photo Shoot with my Ford Edge

I had just watched a few videos of light painting on YouTube and I really liked the art of it. I know I needed to find something to go out and try this style on and since I had just gotten the vehicle wrap done and I needed artwork for social media and website at the time, I figured I would use my Ford Edge as my subject.

Being in Surprise, I'm close to the Loop 303 freeway which takes you through some of the dessert, in fact, they filmed some of Transformers: The Last Knight along it, close to where I took these photos (http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/stretch-of-303-closed-for-transformers-filming), and the dessert made for a great background for this shoot.

With light painting, you tend to shoot a lot of photos with flash lights pointed at different subjects for periods of time. The longer the light shines the brighter it appears in the photo because you expose the photo for a few seconds or even up to 30 seconds, if needed. In the gallery below are a few shoots that make up this final composited photo.