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December 21, 2017

Laser Engraved Characters for My Nephew's Toy Chest

We bought a trunk/chest for my nephew, Ashton, to use as a toy chest. It's from the Home Depot and is pretty decently built, but the bottom was like one of those cheap plywood's, almost cardboard, like you'd see on the back of a bookshelf. But other than that, it was good enough.

So I painted each side a different color, to make it fun looking. But we also wanted to put some of Ashton's favorite cartoon/tv characters on it. So I laser cut and engraved those characters and colored them with Sharpie markers. Then we glued them on the sides of chest. I also routed "Ashton's Toy Chest" on top side of the opening lid.

Created with the Glowforge Laser, Check it Out