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September 10, 2018

Laser Cut A/C Vent Attachment

My mom has an older home and as such, it has those older crank out style of windows, so she cannot use a window seated air conditioning unit. And being that the house only has a swamp cooler, during the high humidity times of the year, it can be unbearable in her house.

She eventually got a floor standing air conditioning unit, but it has an exhaust hose that needs to be placed at the window. Again, with the windows being crank outs, she had to leave the window open a bit for the exhaust hose, but this also seemed to let a lot of that exhaust back into the house.

We decided to replace one of the glass panes with an acrylic version, that way I could laser cut a hole into it, in the exact size the exhaust hose needed. Not only that, but it also had the connector ridges so the hose would stay in place. I added a sort of awning over the hole so rain couldn't get in and I also created a cover that could be slid into place, for when the exhaust hose/air conditioner was not in use.

Created with the Glowforge Laser, Check it Out