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September 5, 2018

I Foam Insulated My Garage Door

Being that I live in Arizona, and being that my shop is my garage, and being that my garage door is thin aluminum, the heat radiates through the door as if it were it a magnifying glass pointed at it, reflecting the sun directly into me.

But it's a dry heat, you say? Well, it's not dry when you step outside, or in this case, my garage, and start sweating immediately.

So after about a month of sweating it out in there, I decided I needed to do something about it. So I searched online for what others have done. And using the foam insulation seemed like the most popular choice and it seemed easy enough to do.

And it was.. easy to cut, easy to glue but a pain in the ass to shove in some of the slots in the panels of the garage door. Others went just fine but there were a few where you have 3 sides you need to bend and flex the foam to get it to fit in place. This is because there are ridges in those panels and you have to cut the foam to fit into the ridges, meaning your foam piece is actually bigger than the opening.

But what a difference it makes.. I think it cut the temperature down my 20 - 25, maybe 30 degrees at times. Mind you, that's still puts it at about 75 - 80 in there, which isn't the greatest still. So I also bought a 300 sqft air conditioner, but I have yet to install, as I need to cut a hole in the wall for it first.