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September 9, 2018

A Sign for a Friend's Sister, Ms. Delgado

My friend, Justin, asked me to create a sign for his sister. She wanted a pineapple in gold next to her name. I know I could've done this easily for the laser, but I ended up carving it with the router. Came out pretty nice.

Justin (not Scarred), is another friend that has been a big part of me starting this business of creating signs. In fact, I mentioned he's not Justin Scarred but the funny thing is we met on Justin Scarred's Facebook group. I had made a Disneyland sign as a giveaway to pay it forward for Justin Scarred and his friend Spike (Matt) for teaching me how to do the tiki style of distressing which I saw him do in one of Justin Scarred's videos. He didn't win the giveaway but he was my first paying client and asked me to create him another one of the Disneyland signs I gave away.