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About Me


A self-taught programmer with an affinity for coding and a thirst for knowledge. Recognized as a self-starter with a drive to create new and exciting products that are well designed and economical in their coding. Eager to embrace innovations and put in the extra work to be considered an elite asset. Over 20 years of experience in graphic design and web development.

Well, at least that's what my resume says.

But I think of myself as a Designer, Developer, Woodworker, Musician, Photographer, YouTuber and probably more.

In short, I'm a creator.

But how did I get there?

Someone Made Me Laugh


I started learning HTML during my sophomore year at high school, around 1992. Basically used Microsoft's Frontpage to teach myself by editing the wysiwyg and seeing what changed in the code view. From then I went on to learn CSS, JavaScript and later Perl, PHP and MySQL.


It wasn't long before I began developing with ActionScript 3, and helped build an interface for a local online college. Created with Adobe Flex, the interface also integrated with the colleges LMS system and SCORM to track progress. Eventually, I was steered towards Salesforce and NetSuite.

I started Interactive Realm back in 2002, but it really didn't become a LLC until 2016, when I started to working on my own. I worked with clients on everything from web development, CRM and ERP systems and even mobile applications.

Taking Zero on a Joy Ride


It was also around that time that I start this company that I taken an interest in photography, 3D printing, creating my own music, and I even started writing a couple movie scripts... well, the ideas anyway... I'm no writer. More importantly, it was when I started watching YouTube and following some amazing creators and even some vloggers. It was because of those YouTubers that I choose to start my channel.

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A friend of mine asked me to create a sign for her daughter, a wooden sign. At the time, I hadn't done any woodworking since high school. But after some trial and error and contacting a someone I saw in one of those YouTube videos for help, I was able to create the sign I had visioned in my head. And it got me interested in woodworking again.

And thus, this company has grown to not only still offer web services, but also signs, crafts, vinyl decals, laser cutting and engraving and much more. Plus I film most of it for my channel.